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3 days back we all just celebrated the New Year eve with our friends, Family, Love ones or with No one. Yes you heard it right, different people celebrate New Year in different forms but today we will only focus on the types of people we usually see after every New Year Eve. So here are the 6 top most types of People whom we met in New Year:
The one who enjoys their whole new year with loved ones and gets those marks but after all this, they always protect themselves by saying “KUCH NAHI BAS KEEDA KAAT GYA”
Yes, you guess it right; these are the one who gets’s totally drunk and spend their whole New Year eve in the toilet.
These are the most sincere people; they all just enjoyed their new year in their blanket by watching Award Functions that’s it.
The one who takes their life, career, health very seriously at every New Year eve. Resolutions like quit smoking, quit drinking, quit wasting time on Games and all. But at the end of the year, everything seems to be unchanged.
These are the people who really think that New Year is the best date to propose any new plan or any other business strategy.
These are like the real FUKREY, they never believe in timely parties. Every day is like a party for them.
Hope you also met one of the kinds of people after last New Year Eve or maybe you came under one of the types that are listed above.
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Author – Adnan Alam
Image Designer – Vikas Kakkar
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