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DIL JUUNGLEE STORY: Koroli aka Koro (Taapsee Pannu), a rich girl from London falls for an aspiring Bollywood actor from Delhi, Sumit (Saqib Saleem). The two are about to elope but fate has other plans.
DIL JUUNGLEE REVIEW: Review: Koro, who harboured dreams of becoming a romantic novelist some day, reunites with Sumit seven years later in London. We soon discover that the girl has had a glam makeover and is now engaged to business tycoon Jai Singh Rathore. Sumit continues to be a struggling actor and roams around with a loud ‘Lajpat wali’ Ayesha, who claims to be his love interest. What transpires when Koro and Sumit’s paths collide, forms the story.
Taapsee Pannu and Saqib Saleem are fine actors and have the ability to keep you engaged, even when their film is perhaps the most cliched romantic drama of the century. Not only is this love story unconvincing; ironically, this hackneyed tale ends up reinstating the gender, class and cultural stereotypes, much against its intent of breaking them. For instance, rich people from London must address common people from Delhi as ‘you Lajpat walas’. Successful businessmen must talk ‘numbers’ and spout pretentious lines like, “Mere papa business manager ke saath travel karte the, kab kahan kaunsi deal crack karni pad jaaye.”
The girl’s best friend from London tells her, “Tu apney diamonds se bhi zyada glow karrr rahi hai.” A boy must jump in the sea to save his girl even if he has a phobia of water and does not know how to swim! But why should the girl be worried about that? He is a man and men ought to be the saviours. The list of such perceptive instances are endless. Barring the earnest performances of the lead actors and the supporting cast, there’s absolutely nothing wild or memorable about Dil Juunglee. However, you can still watch it for how unintentionally dumb and hilarious the rich guys sound in this one. That’s the most successful and entertaining ‘deal’ here that leaves you in splits. Taapsee, Saqib and your Dil, deserve better.
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