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If there’s a film from 2017 that we will never be tired talking of, it’s Pushkar Gayathri’s Vikram Vedha. The cop-gangsta film starring R Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi rewrote the rules of a great cop-criminal story. For those who don’t know, Vikram Vedha is a story based on the famous folklore of Vikram and Betaal. It’s about a cop by the name Vikram, who is on the lookout for Vedha, a dangerous smuggler/murderer. Things take a surprising turn when Vedha surrenders himself to the police. In their encounter, Vedha begins with a story riddled with messages and it’s up to Vikram to read between the lines. What unfolds is a problem bigger than Vedha and his crimes. What will Vikram do now?
As Vikram, R Madhavan played the experienced, fearless cop to perfection. As a character, he went through a drastic progression from being the righteous cop to a flawed one who finally saw grey. Ironically, his faith was questioned and put to test by the villain in the story. As Vedha, Vijay Sethupathi brought to us a mature villain whose subtle, tricky ways meant more danger. For a villain, he brought out a rare emotional element that made him vulnerable as well. He lived Vedha as he played it.
Now that we have explained the story and its characters in detail, let us tell you, the film is being remade in Hindi. With Pushkar and Gayathri helming the remake as well, we couldn’t help but come up with 5 promising pairs from Bollywood that would be apt for this cop-gangsta movie:
Akshay Kumar – Hrithik Roshan
Firstly, this towering pair would make an intimidating presence. Both share a great rapport off screen, why not bring in a twist to the camaraderie and have them face-off in reel life? Akshay Kumar as Vikram would fit the bill perfectly as he plays the cop with iron conviction. He is also the kind of actor who can pull off a little grey as is in Vikram. As for Hrithik, he would have us in awe as Vedha. We have seen him as a con man in Dhoom. Time for a little more danger, don’t you think? And just like Sethupathi transformed himself for the role, we will have Hrithik pulling off another master disguise.
Shah Rukh Khan – Aamir Khan
This is one of the most formidable pairs! Aamir as Vikram would play the witty, ballsy cop in his own style. We can imagine his cheeky sense of humour and a distinguished look in the character. Shah Rukh as Vedha is what we call the perfect match. The King Khan’s forte is villainous characters, playing bad comes so easy to him. As Vedha, we would have seen another villainous side to him and be just as impressed.
Shahid Kapoor – Ranveer Singh
This is another powerful pair that can be explored several times. In case of Shahid and Ranveer, we can see both play Vikram or Vedha. As a cop, both would bring in their own zing and create fireworks. As Vedha, both are known to be method artists and would bring in their own eccentricity. This is indeed a crackling combo.
Ajay Devgn – Nawazuddin Siddiqui
The most unconventional pair of the lot. As individuals, both have had the crowd cheering for their comic timing, their versatility and their sheer presence. Now it’s time to bring them together. Ajay as the cop is an obvious choice, but the character is not. This is far from his discreet act as Singham. As for Nawaz, he is an actor waiting to be transformed! He is someone who can play Vikram and Vedha with equal ease. There is no character he can’t play. Agree?
Varun Dhawan – Arjun Kapoor
This good looking, hilarious pair has to be teamed up for a face-off. We have seen Varun play the goofy cop, now it’s time to play the crafty one who has a plan up his sleeve every time. As for Arjun, there is no end to the times he has surprised us – from double roles to a geeky guy, to a guy who could barely speak the English language. So we can totally see him pull off yet another complex character – Vedha. His intense gaze will add the right drama to this role.
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