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What would be expected from a normal employee in regard to salary or pay scale? If I, being an employee, working in a company, it would be obvious for me to ask for a salary rise from time to time. That’s certainly a desirable behavior anticipated from a professional person however, it doesn’t matter whether the person is loyal or not.
Recently, may be a month ago, impressive news from Canadian province of Quebec popped up claiming that over 700 doctors and 150 medical students have signed a letter protesting against their own pay rise. Yes, The Pay Rise! Just imagine, how can an employee ask for this? As a matter of fact, they are actually not happy with their salary hike that the government has just granted. You must be thinking ‘why’ for this memorandum.
“The only thing that seems to be immune to cuts is our salary”, the letter says.
The answer is simple in their terms but it’s a bit difficult for a common man to take in. So, here it goes.
These generous doctors say that the extra income that has been added to their salary should contribute to the mankind. This remuneration should be distributed to the health care system to foster the health of population and also assist patients who are unable to pay for their treatments. Also, the letter says that there are many nurses and medical helpers at the junior level who deserves good wages. These professionals face hard working conditions for which they are not paid a considerate amount. This extra income can also used in providing good health services to the needy people. So, basically these doctors want the government to spend the money on patient care and produce resources for their underpaid and overworked colleagues instead.
What an irony it is! These days when people are searching for new jobs as well as eating other’s just to get a good salary hike, these great-hearted doctors are giving up their increments for humanity.
What an act of benevolence it is! We must acknowledge these selfless souls who are precisely an inspiration for all.
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