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Kapil Sharma seems to be surrounded by evil energies these days. After a steep downfall in his career, Kapil is finding it difficult to handle his failure.
Kapil Sharma who once ruled the Indian television is making news for all the wrongs reasons now. As per the latest reports, he has been hurling abuses on a media person for allegedly defaming him and harassing him mentally.
On Saturday, reports were doing the rounds that Kapil has threatened journalist Vicky Lalwani. Vickey while talking to ANI said, "At around 6 pm my phone rang and I got a call from Kapil. With a minute of the call, he started abusing me and said me that my daughter wants to sleep with him. This gave me a shock. This was the worst slang I have ever heard."
Following the phone call, Kapil has been posting abusive tweets against the editor. He has also filed a complaint against the journalist, ex-manager and girlfriend Preeti Simoes and her sister, Neeti Simoes. In the complaint, he has alleged that the trio is trying to defame him after he refused to pay them an extortion amount of Rs 25 lakh.
In an exclusive interview with PinkVilla, Preeti revealed that he hasn't been informed about the complaint yet. She also revealed that Kapil is mentally unstable and his family needs to take care of him rather than encouraging him to drink.
On enquiring about the Kapil-Sunil spat, she revealed that Sunil Grover along with the entire creative team was ready to be back on the Kapil Sharma Show but it was due to the family pressure on Kapil's side that it never saw the light of the day.
She said, "We met a lot of times and the channel also initiated the conversations between us. The entire team was ready to come back to him [Kapil] including Sunil but he never got back to us," she said while adding, "Sunil was very clear that he wanted the same creative team which was working for The Kapil Sharma Show [TKSS] because he did not trust the team that was working with him after we left. He and Ali [Asgar] bhai were very clear that if the same team comes only then the magic will happen. So, everyone was ready to come to him, he also met up with us before going to Bengaluru. We discussed all of this but then he disappeared."
She also added, "He [Kapil] then told us that it is family pressure and he cannot work with us. I understand that it is family pressure, maybe his current girlfriend (Ginni Chatrath) is not comfortable with him working with his ex but they don't have the maturity to understand that some people grow in life. One year after a breakup, I won't be sitting and holding a candle waiting for him na? We could have worked in a professional space but she wasn't comfortable at all. She would keep telling him NO and this happened like 10 times. He used to tell us he wants to work with us, he had big dreams but he is not mentally stable.They have ruined him completely."
While talking about how Kapil's family is to be blamed for his downfall, Preeti says that it should be Kapil's family and girlfriend's aim to make to him a better person rather than killing him by making him an alcoholic.
Meanwhile, journalist Vickey Lalwani who has been at the receiving end of comedian Kapil Sharma's abusive Twitter rant is reportedly planning to sue the host Family Time with Kapil Sharma.
Vicky Lalwani will reportedly file a complaint against Kapil for abusing and threatening. Vicky claims, "We have enough proof to support our argument. He Lashed out at my family. This man believes he can gag the media. Time has come that media stand up and tell him we will not be gagged (sic)."
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