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Sari is always formal, elegant and sexy and can be worn at almost any occasion. It’s one of the favorite attire of a woman. This traditional outfit makes women feel like a lady with a distinguished personality and gives a sense of grace and confidence. These days the style of wearing Sari is not limited to traditional form only but it has now renewed to so many innovative ways.
The common manner of wearing Saris is bit boring. Although, there have been different ways in which it’s being tied, since long time. These styles include Mumtaz style, Butterfly tie up, Dhoti style, Bengali, Gujrati, Nivi and many more. But nowadays, Bollywood is put forward an indo-western look with Belted Saris. No doubt, it has already been present in the past, but again it has revived with a new twist and twirls in it.
Here are some of the Bollywood bees who have set forth this cinched Sari look which seems to immortalize itself in coming years. This style is definitely making a pitch for the sari lovers in general.
Let’s take a glare at these Bollywood Divas who thought of teaming up their gorgeous belts with saris to give their slim waists a cinched look.
1. Kangana Ranaut
A printed sari with a golden buckled belt around the waist is giving her a slim and absolute look.
2. Kareena Kapoor Khan
An over- sized leather belt on her sexy waist over a gown- style sari is an awesome idea of experimenting with the outfit.
3. Shilpa Shetty
She is a figure of beauty and grace herself. She carries everything so well especially, when it comes to sari, the hotness in her over-brims. Look at the way she is carrying an army print sari with a black sleek belt around. Wow!
4. Karisma Kapoor
This Bollywood fashionista is wearing a black and white sari with some traditional motifs over it, styled it with simple fabric belt and black cape over it.
5. Deepika Padukone
Here’s one of the top Bollywood actress these days, is wearing her favorite Sabhyasachi collection. She is seen wearing striped sari in red and white with black blouse which she has teamed up with a white tiger crest belt, that too from the famous designer.
The belted Sari style seems never to be out of fashion as it is adding a dapper look which is giving crisp and fashionable goals. So girls, go for it!
Content Creator- Manila Sharma
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