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Do you have a habit of going to sleep without removing make- up? If yes, then I can consider you as ‘lazy lass’ just like me. But let me tell you, I have almost come out of it because what I experienced was none less than a nightmare.
That’s true! From itchy and infectious pimple to dry lip chaps, I was getting really irritated with my skin problems. But now, I have become staunch about taking my makeup off before going to bed at night. Why it is important to remove it? Let me tell you! Our skin breathes when we are asleep and also generates substance to renew itself. On the other hand, if the makeup is on the skin would automatically be unable to make it. Also make up clogs the pores of the skin which results in pimples, acnes and dark- spotted skin.
Here are some of the skin issues you might face if you let your makeup stay on your skin, overnight-
1. Pimples
Letting the makeup on will clog pores due to which skin is unable to breathe, hence outbreaks in the form of pimples.
2. Eye Irritation
Specially a heavy and smoky eye makeup would not only cause irritation in the eyes but also becomes a reason of dark circles. Moreover the particles of mascara and eye- liner probably go into your eyes creating itching and redness.
3. Chapped Lips
Lipstick contains chemicals that are harmful for our lips. It sucks moisture from lips leaving it dry and blackish in tone.
4. Thin Eye-lashes
Some mascaras are gel based. So they are long lasting and if it stays overnight it might weaken the cells of eye-lashes due to their improper nourishment. This may result in breakage of the hair making them thinner than before.
5. Blackheads
This problem occurs very frequently as the skin absorb a certain amount of makeup and again the cells stop breathing which results in severe Blackheads.
6. Aging
This is actually a frightening issue a girl could face if she does not wash off the makeup before sleeping. If we don’t clean the make-up it slowly breaks- down the collagen level in the skin which is the main cause of skin- loosening.
Right way to remove make-up
Some girls have a habit of removing the makeup with wet wipes. Beware girls! Wet wipes are not for cleaning up cosmetic until or unless they are made especially for removing makeup. They can be used for cleaning dust particles on the face. However, the best way to put off the makeup is to use a good quality make-up remover or mild baby oil. After that, wash off your face and apply moisturizer. This would nourish your skin and let it breathe all night.
Content Creator- Manila Sharma
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