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Deepika Padukone’s marriage rumor is the favorite gossip on social media these days. When they are going to marry, we don’t know! But here is something which is chasing our senses. However, this new tale is obviously not about their wedding bells but somehow near to that. Now this would definitely raise your excitement level, isn’t it? So here it is guys!
A jewellery brand that has made Deepika look graceful and heavenly is now preparing to design jewels for her wedding. We have already witnessed the company’s beautiful and elegant patterns for the character of Padmavati. They were absolutely stunning and Deepika, being decked up in those precious gems was looking no less than a holy queen. The brand has also managed to bring Deepika’s parents on-screen for an advertisement of their brand. Deepika, being a brand ambassador of this famous brand has acted for the first time in the ad along with her parents that certainly cognized the name of the company.
According to the sources,“Deepika is getting married to Ranveer Singh towards the end of this year, and preparations have begun in full swing for the big day. For the jewellery, the custodians of the brand that Deepika endorses have decided to design an exclusive collection, especially for her wedding. Given their association, it only seemed more natural for the jewellery company to come on board for the celebration.” In addition to that, it reveals saying, “The brand will officially launch the designs and the entire collection after Deepika wears them at her wedding. This will also serve as an interesting marketing move for the brand because once DP wears the collection; the interest levels will definitely be piqued.”
Now, it’s difficult to hold back and wait for most awaited wedding of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. Over the top, it would be even more fascinating to conjure up the lovely image of Deepika as a bride with some of the phenomenal patterns of jewels which she will be wearing of the enormous brand.
So cool your heels and sit tight to watch the show!
Content Creator- Manila Sharma
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