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Bollywood's most romantic actor Shah Rukh Khan is one of the richest actors in the world, we all know this. But the latest figures reveal his net worth.
We all know how wealthy Shah Rukh Khan is, but reports are doing the rounds that his assets are somewhere around $600 million. According to reports published in Sun, SRK's remuneration per film is even bigger than many of the big Hollywood actors.
Last year, Shah Rukh grabbed the eight spot on the list of richest actors with $38 mn in his pocket. But the question arises what all does SRK's $600 million treasure comprise?
The Sun has been able to give us some rough figure about SRK's net worth. Shah Rukh is the co-owner of Kolkata team along with actress Juhi Chawla and Jai Mehta for $75 million. Also, according to reports, Shah Rukh Khan charges nearly $ 3.85 mn per film.
His love nest - Mannat, which is quite close to the actor and his wife Gauri Khan's heart is worth Rs 200 crore. The bungalow which is a popular tourist site was bought at Rs 15 crore in 1995. Besides, Mannat SRK owns a villa at the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and also has several other properties around the country.
According to reports, SRK's Dubai villa which is said to be a gift by the developers of that site. The 'Zero' actor has a $2.85 mn apartment in Park Lane, London. Apart from that, he is a endorses a lot of products and is often seen shooting for their commercials.
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