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Getting married, especially when its love marriage, is a beautiful kick start of new life. No matter how busy you are, you take out enough time for your partner. Life is like a dream till the initial months. Once you get used to the routine, you feel bored!
Haha! Don’t worry. I am not making you scared but life actually takes a turn and things go other way round. I should not say that but mostly it happens with the males. The poor husband faces all the little foolishness and stubberness of his wife and how he handles it is just amazing. LOL!!
All the happening would become clear to you once you would see the cute day to day illustrations made by an illustrator. This is altogether a comic guide that shows his domestic adventure with his wife, Maya.
Here is a collection of 10 comedy pictures that would make you think before getting married. :D
Don’t take it to heart, specially you, boys! LOL
Noooo!!! It's already cold baby!!
Ahhh! My neck!!
Oh God!! The water is getting too hot baby..
Morning Tales!
It's ok baby.. Uff!!
My Superwoman!!
What a mess!! It's not my turn always. :o
Her bold avtar!!
So called 'Punctual'
Expectation vs Reality!
Now after watching these illustrations which are in fact a true story of the illustrator himself, what would you say?? Those who are married, do you guys face these situation the way he is facing? If you do, do comment in the comment section guys so that we get to know the poor husbands who are the victim of such issues.
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