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Sexual intercourse is among the necessary things that contribute to a happy and healthy relationship. According to some studies, it makes you feel satisfied and even help you in better concentration towards your work. To have a better bonding with your partner it’s important to have a comfortable physical relation. That’s something we call a truth.
However, there are certain white lies regarding sex which we believe blindly. These myths affects our mental state negatively which directly result in broken relationships and dissatisfaction. So it’s time to get real about these sex myths and get into the world of reality.
Let’s have a look at some of the sex myths-
1. Men are always ready for sex
Like women, men may also feel tired or not in a mood to indulge in sexual activity. Just to be precise about the men’s mentality is not appropriate.
2. Watching pornography is a good base for a good sex
That’s not the real case. If you are attracted towards your partner or he/she does something to turn you on then you don’t need any other stuff. It’s just about how much you both are involved with each other sexually.
3. You should not have sex during periods
Again it’s a myth. Health never gets affected if you are having sex during periods. It’s just depends upon whether you both are comfortable or not. Some women agree to the fact that they enjoy sex more when they are on their periods. Having sex with precautions is a better idea to feel ‘wow’.
4. Too much sex in a day may ruin your sex organs
It’s completely a lie. Sex organs get used to it when you have a regular sex. Moreover, you build up good body stamina as frequently as you indulge in sexual act.
5. All women experience orgasm through intercourse
That’s a lie. Women may feel orgasm in many ways depending upon their body. Sometimes fingering or masturbating is the only choice left for having a satisfactory orgasm.
6. Sex helps in burning major calories
Experts estimate thirty minutes of sex burns 85 to 150 calories. So, you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose a pound of body weight. So it’s a myth.
7. The duration of sexual act is for a limited time period
That’s a lie. Actually it totally depends upon both the partners’ mood. If they want to have a lonegr sex then they may do it by doing foreplay in between. Also, it depends upon the stamina they possess.
8. Having sex in water (swimming pool, hot tub, and shower) will kill sperm
Guys! Wake up. Woman can get pregnant if she has sex in water. It surely won’t kill sperms at all. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a lake, a pool or a hot tub.
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