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Summer is the perfect season for coastal travel, many of us are always deeply attracted with the ocean and the sand beach, while there some extraordinary sand beaches of unique colours that are more eye-stealing than normal beaches we've ever seen. These sand beaches are special because of their nearby volcanoes. Minerals accumulated over thousands of years have discoloured the original beach into pink, purple, even green, orange and black. It seems as fantastic as travelling to another planet.
Pink sand beach, Harbour Island, Bahamas
Green sand beach, Papakolea Beach, Hawaii
Purple sand beach, Pfeiffer beach, Big Sur
Black sand beach, Vik, Iceland
White sand beach, Cebu, Philippines
Blue sand beach, Vaadhoo, Maldives
Red sand beach, Santorini, Greece
Orange sand beach, Ramla Bay, Gozo, Malta
Rainbow sand beach, Queensland, Australia
These amazing rarely-seen landscapes allows us to see the magical beauty of the mother nature! So which one is your favourite ?
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